Rosemary's Birth Story

Thankfully, my birth story with dear little Rosemary isn't incredibly eventful, but it was miraculous and thrilling all the same.

Around 11PM on Saturday, April 9th (3 days after our due date), I began noticing that my random Braxton Hicks contractions were beginning to feel a little sharper.  I didn't give it much thought, but I texted my parents, asking them to keep their phones turned up -- juuuuust in case.

Earlier that day, I had informed my friends that I might be pregnant for a very long time, since there was practically zero sign of activity and my doctor's appointment showed very little progress.  My doctor and I were discussing options and plans, should the pregnancy go another week (it seemed very plausible).

So after texting my parents, I experience another contraction...and another...and another.  They're like 3 minutes apart.  I start texting my husband (who's only downstairs, but hey, he was working).  "There's another..." "There&…

The Moment You Realize Your Baby Has Grown

I imagine many of you veteran mothers will read this, and smile, both with wisdom and with experience, knowing I have only just scratched the surface of this journey.

I have four children (granted, one still in the womb), yet I'm so very green; I'm just shy of 5 years trekking into this sticky-fingered, slobbery-kissed, laundry-piled, love-worn wilderness of motherhood.

My first experience with knowing my baby had become a boy happened several weeks after my first-born had blown out the birthday candles.  I wasn't prepared that night to see myself in the mirror, after I had managed to pick up the heavy weight of slumbering 4-yr-old from our bed, to place him into his own.

I wasn't cradling him like I thought I was.  Rather, the mirror revealed his long floppy arms dropped over one side of me, while his long heavy legs dropped over the other, and I held him like my baby, but he was so very clearly...a boy.

And it hurt.  I cried.

I was forced to acknowledge that some…

"So What Happened to Your Blog?"

I just checked my blog, and I see that my last post was February of this year.  That's about 8 months ago.  That's getting a little close to a year without posting, and that seems to shout "I'm done," doesn't it?  

Does this mean I'm done?

May I say that I don't know?

I never decided one day to stop writing.  In fact, I have about a dozen really hearty posts saved to my drafts folder, ready to be tuned and edited and prayed over.  So it's not so much that I have nothing I care for to write about, or that I don't love writing anymore.

It's just my time is so precious to me; you understand, don't you, dear reader?

And these three little babes, and this sacred little "No.4" being knitted together, and all this life and these lessons that come alongside, and all within these 5 fleeting years that have passed before me...I see how desperately I want to manage "my" time for the glory of my God, and just how precious e…

Friday 5: Braids, Instagram, New Art, & Tandem Nursing

Happy Friday!  Today I want to begin by sharing with you two of my current favorite Instagram profiles!

Firstly, BRAIDS!!  
Now that my hair is long and straight, I intend to experiment with more exciting braids in the coming months, especially with all the great tutorials and inspiration from Annie's Forget-Me-Knots.  They're so classy and lovely!
Every other year for six years, I've grown out my hair and donated to Locks of Love (see before-and-afters).  However, this May, when I would normally cut my hair, I opted to let my hair keep growing instead, and I've resisted the temptation to get it layered and styled so I can have good "braiding hair."  

Then there's SixOneSis, a really solid Instagram feed that I follow because of her encouragement for women, specifically singles and wives, focusing on sexual purity and marriage.  It's good stuff!

I listed two new printables in my Etsy shop this week.  These were hand-drawn with Sharpies, an…

Enchanted Bow Shop Giveaway!

Back in the Fall, I was looking for some special headbands for our pending arrival - Miss Claire - when I came across Enchanted Bow Shop on Etsy (via a friendly recommendation). I was an instant fan!!

I'm following this shop now on Instagram, and I'm constantly admiring all the ADORABLE bows, crowns, and headbands that Amy makes!  They're soft, feminine, delicate, yet sturdy, and her style is refreshing - just good classic floral girly-ness.

Here are my sweet girlies, modeling a few of the headbands...

And look at these gorgeous crowns!!!  I want them all!

So would you like a chance to win a $15 store credit to Amy's shop??  I thought you might!!
I finally started a Facebook page for my blog, so follow this link to get the details for how to enter the giveaway -- it's simple!
Winner will be announced onValentine's Day!  (Giveaway ends 2/14/15 at 11:59AM)

Friday Five: Painting, Plans, Photos, & Bows

Hey there!  Happy Friday to you!

I wanna start off by telling you about a giveaway coming up!  On Tuesday the 10th, there's going to be a giveaway for $15 credit to The Enchanted Bow Shop on Etsy!  I love all the beautiful felt headbands and crowns she creates.  Here's our sweet Nora wearing a sparkly flower band!  When she saw it for the first time, she exclaimed, "Oh!  A Pwincess!!"

I never shared any photos from Claire's newborn session with Heather Paul Photography.  Heather has a very relaxed style and has an eye for capturing those sweet moments and details.  She's done all three of our children's newborn photos, and she's officially launching her biz this week - share some love and "like" her page here

Here are a few of my favorites from Claire's newborn session (flower bands also from EnchantedBowShop): 


Sweeeeet precious Claire Elise just turned 2 months!  She is the most mellow, laid-back babe, and we're enjo…

"How Bad Do You Want It" - Intentional Christian Motherhood (week 12) - The Final Post

Hey there!  I've been missing lately, haven't I?  Sometimes I do that here on this weird blog.  I just have a baby and then disappear for a while. 
Soooo, I just had my third baby.  Wow.  Ya know, before I go any further, I just want to tell you one of the first things that comes to mind when I write "third baby." I have a few dear friends that are suffering the emotional pangs of infertility, and I ache for them when I'm around them; and I'm gonna be quick to admit that parenting is HARD (like real life, super hard sometimes), but I don't want a day to go by without being grateful.  
And really y'all, I am grateful.  
I've been in the sappiest mood for the past 8 weeks.  Tonight I held my sleeping boy - my first born - and he was so very long...arms and head hanging back over my elbow with the weight of him all. Seriously y'all, it's almost that time where I won't be able to carry him anymore.  He's big.  I cried.
So I star…