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World View

Neither the homeless child who eats from the dump, nor I, who live a comfortable life, chose to be born into the circumstances that we live in. I don’t actually “deserve” a better life than that child.My life isn’t any more valuable than the begging man on the street with no legs. My money, social status, career, health, education, family, and race are only a false sense of identity. I’m as flesh, blood, and bones as any other human on earth. I have no “right” to be in a better hospital, to own a closet-full of clothes, or to have a college degree any more than ‘they’ have. So why do I live as though my life has more worth? I’m a mere human, in desperate need of God!  All I have, He gave me…my soul, my mind, my money, my education, my body, my family, my nationality, my heart, my life.I must surrender it all back to Him, that which was never mine to claim…
"World View" is my travel diary of sorts.  I'm blessed to have a career in literacy missions, which allows me to trav…

The Queen

Hi. Emily here. This is our "new" house, except it's really old...115 years old. We call herThe Queenbecause she's an 18th-century Queen Anne Victorian (and she's quite demanding).
She's pretty run down. (Think so-so part of town + 6 years abandoned + 7 layers of old roofing + shoddy plumbing + other miscellaneous problems).  Throw in lots of space and amazing wood floors, and you've got our gal!  She was a steal, which means we've got a lotta work to do...
This is the story of the "The Queen"
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Why I'm Happy I Had Appendicitis

So this is why I'm so happy I had appendicitis:

Appendicitis is a very excruciating predicament. Fortunately, I knew something was wrong early enough to get to the hospital and be diagnosed before the severe pain came the time I was immobilized with pain, I was only minutes away from the operating table.

So I had appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix) and they removed it in surgery. For the next few days, I had to deal with very uncomfortable pain from various aspects of the recovery process and I could barely walk or roll over in bed. Tedd and I were also facing a "painful" hospital bill, and to top it off, the whole event butted into our travel plans.

To call this a major suffering or "trial" is quite a stretch in light of what people suffer through, such as loss of family members, tragic illnesses, imprisonment for their faith, abuse, depression, and so I really don't want to make this sound like I went through anything awful, BUT…

Photo Albums

A few of my favorite photo albums:
Our Wedding
Our First Home


Baby Ian Walsh (One Week)

Our First Home

When we decided to invest in a home, we chose to buy a duplex so that we could live in one side and rent out the other.  This was an old home from the 40's divided in two and it has so much charm!  We chose to live in the top half of the duplex, and because it was our own little nest (as opposed to a rental), we took a shoe-string budget and remodeled a bit.  Though we were a bit cramped at times, I absolutely loved this apartment and it will always be special to me as our first home sweet home...
living room before... living room after...

living room (office) before... living room ("the office") after...

kitchen before... kitchen after...
bedroom before... bedroom after...
bathroom before... bathroom after...
Parties, late nights with friends over chai, music, windows open in the fall, yummy-smelling candles, our little black kitty Otis, the gas wall heater, dark wood floors, and baking in the kitchen...ahhhh...good times!

Our Arkansas Wedding

May 27th, 2007 The venue for both the reception and the ceremony was Mount Magazine State Park Lodge.  Tedd is from the burbs of Philadelphia & I'm from Arkansas, so we had a lot of traveling guests from the northeast and wanted to show them the Natural State at its best.   The Lodge is a beautiful rustic setting nestled right on top of Arkansas' highest mountain, overlooking literally miles and miles of landscape.
~~~ I decided to go handmade for the invitations.  My friend (& bridesmaid) Heather helped me with the design and I really loved how they turned out. ~~~ My dress was by far my favorite wedding detail.  It was my mom's, my aunt's, and before that, my grandmother's!  Each time it was re-used, it was altered and customized by a very talented family friend we call "Ms. Pat." Me trying on my mom's wedding dress. from left to right: my aunt, my grandmother, & my mom - all in the same wedding gown! ~~~ I wanted the sentimental value and all t…