Our Arkansas Wedding

May 27th, 2007
The venue for both the reception and the ceremony was Mount Magazine State Park Lodge.  Tedd is from the burbs of Philadelphia & I'm from Arkansas, so we had a lot of traveling guests from the northeast and wanted to show them the Natural State at its best.  
The Lodge is a beautiful rustic setting nestled right on top of Arkansas' highest mountain, overlooking literally miles and miles of landscape.
I decided to go handmade for the invitations.  My friend (& bridesmaid) Heather helped me with the design and I really loved how they turned out.
My dress was by far my favorite wedding detail.  It was my mom's, my aunt's, and before that, my grandmother's!  Each time it was re-used, it was altered and customized by a very talented family friend we call "Ms. Pat."
 Me trying on my mom's wedding dress.
from left to right: my aunt, my grandmother, & my mom - all in the same wedding gown!
I wanted the sentimental value and all that wonderful 50s chantilly lace, but with a new design, so Ms. Pat and I put our heads together and came up with a new gown.  She pulled it apart and created a new dress from the lace & fabric buttons.  I looooved it!

Before the Wedding:
oops! it's a little windier than expected!
side note: it rained all day and then stopped just an hour and a half before the ceremony began (outdoor wedding!)...once that sun started shining through those big billowy clouds, nothing could bring me down that day!
sooooooooo happy
(my studly groom is there smack dab in the middle)
and my childhood friend was also dressed and ready to go...

The bridesmaids held delphinium bouquets - definitely an artistic element that I didn't expect. I thought the bouquets were going to be light blue & small, but they turned out to be really tall and royal blue.  I loved the color though with the brown and lace & it really popped against the sky in the background.  
And the bridal bouquet...I loved it so much and wanted to keep it forever!
(delphinium, white/green/& blue hydrangeas, cornflower, lisianthus, & white roses)
we asked for three very special pastors to be involved in the ceremony...the pastor of the church we attended in college, my childhood pastor, and a mentor & Bible-study leader
CJ sang worship music as the guests were seated
getting ready to walk down the aisle...

The Ceremony:

Tedd & I sang with a gospel choir in college and they provided the beautiful worship music during the ceremony.

foot-washing with Scripture reading

A time of prayer and blessings from our immediate family and bridal party

If you haven't noticed yet, my veil was flying all over the place (windy Spring day & I forgot to put weights on it) - that kept the guests pretty amused!  It was cool though because during a prayer, my veil wrapped around both of us like a beautiful symbol of unity.
Yaaaahooooo!!  Husband & Wife!!

The Reception:
At the reception, we had vases in differing heights filled with delphinium, bells of ireland (for Tedd's Irish heritage), and hydrangeas.  On other tables there were spring flower arrangements or small old-fashioned suitcases with candles in them to represent our future plans to travel in missions.
 Tedd & I aren't cake people.  We think wedding cake is kinda gross, actually, so we did a little splurge on a three-tiered cheesecake!  Most bakeries refused my request, telling me it would be way too heavy to do a wedding cake with cheesecake, but then Confectionately Yours rose to the challenge.  It was awesome!  
Tedd also opted for a dessert table in place of the traditional groom's cake.  Above are key lime pies, my grandmother's homemade pecan pies, and his mother's homemade pound cake!  
 The kiddos each had a goodie-bag to keep them occupied during the reception.
The favors were hand-carved animals that Tedd special-ordered with a local artist while he was working on a primer in Africa during our engagement.
Sooo...there was steak, dancing, a cool slideshow, great music provided by talented friends, and lots of fellowship, but eventually the night had to end...
So we said Adios with a bubbly send-off and we're living happily-ever-after!

the end.

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