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Neither the homeless child who eats from the dump, nor I, who live a comfortable life, chose to be born into the circumstances that we live in. I don’t actually “deserve” a better life than that child. My life isn’t any more valuable than the begging man on the street with no legs. My money, social status, career, health, education, family, and race are only a false sense of identity. I’m as flesh, blood, and bones as any other human on earth. I have no “right” to be in a better hospital, to own a closet-full of clothes, or to have a college degree any more than ‘they’ have. So why do I live as though my life has more worth? I’m a mere human, in desperate need of God!  All I have, He gave me…my soul, my mind, my money, my education, my body, my family, my nationality, my heart, my life. I must surrender it all back to Him, that which was never mine to claim…
"World View" is my travel diary of sorts.  I'm blessed to have a career in literacy missions, which allows me to travel to different countries, meet fascinating people, and experience all kinds of new things!  Traveling and working in poor areas also stretches me, and I'm often spending time out of my comfort zone, but learning so much about myself, the world, and about God in the process.

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