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I feel older and wiser now.  I've had a miscarriage.

I guess I feel older because I've been pregnant, and that was life-changing to know that.  I feel wiser because I've gone through the rubble, like all the other 1 in 5 women, and felt the deep loss of letting go of the baby that you hoped for.  
It really hurt, but I'm fully convinced that God is still in control and that I can trust Him through this.  I believe He must have allowed it to happen, because I believe He's sovereign, but first being filtered through His perfect wisdom and His wonderful authentic love for me - and that's enough for me to be at peace.    
It's made my soul stronger and it's drawn me closer to the Creator of Life.

The Urge to Create a Blog

I just can't help it!  I've been sucked into this notion that having a blog will make me happy and now I can't stop thinking about it.  I go to bed thinking about how I'll design and organize the blog, I wake up thinking of topics I could write about, I spend every spare moment searching ways to customize and organize my blog - my own little bloggy-boo, what a sweet little thing it is, my precious...oh sorry.

I must remember that there's life happening around me that's real...and that it's more important than this blog.  But for now, since it's the newest project in my life, I'm confessing that I've been a bit obsessed.  I get like that.  
Will I really follow through with this thing?  I get excited about stuff like this and I let it die off a couple weeks later...

About Me

Hi! My name is Emily.

I like things like...
garlic, belly laughing, Canadian geese, hugging my hubby Tedd, screened-in porches, limes, the woods, being barefoot, FALL, wood floors, brand new notepads/planners/calendars, hydrangeas, peonies, mint iced tea, chewy runts, decorating, blogging of course, a clean house (not that it happens often enough), baking, robin's-egg blue, worshipping God, the lake, when daffodils bloom in the Spring, Philly cheesesteaks, the beach, and the Bible... name a few

I'm a Christ-follower.  
It's outta-this-world, blow-your-mind amazing to be in this non-stop-loving, dirty-heart-cleansing, tattered-soul-mending, forever-His-living relationship.  

This is my story of how I came to be a believer in Jesus Christ.
I'm married. I just love my husband!  His name's Tedd (with two "d"s). I got married when I was 20, just one semester before finishing college (with a BA in Spanish), and I've never regretted for a moment being married y…