July 19, 2009


I feel older and wiser now.  I've had a miscarriage.

I guess I feel older because I've been pregnant, and that was life-changing to know that.  I feel wiser because I've gone through the rubble, like all the other 1 in 5 women, and felt the deep loss of letting go of the baby that you hoped for.  

It really hurt, but I'm fully convinced that God is still in control and that I can trust Him through this.  I believe He must have allowed it to happen, because I believe He's sovereign, but first being filtered through His perfect wisdom and His wonderful authentic love for me - and that's enough for me to be at peace.    

It's made my soul stronger and it's drawn me closer to the Creator of Life.


  1. Miscarraiges are aweful! I never realized how awful they were until I went through it. I have had 2. One thing is for sure is I have had to learn that God has a plan for me that is better than my own & yes, you are right. He is SO good. I am excited for you that you are growing a healthy baby. I have been praying for you. MC also brought me much closer to the Lord. :)

  2. I was 6 mos pregnant when GOD called my son, my second child home. I couldnt fathom why i went that far, and then he was taken from me. My doctor, a good GOD fearing man, explained to the best that he could. Not all children can survive in this world, some are missing things, that would make life very difficult for them. So GOD calls them home, where they are in perfection. So true, so true.
    My boy had only one big blue eye, he had hands only where his arms should have been, and he looked like a little seahorse, no legs. He would not have survived ehre, so GOD called him home, to be built to perfection.
    I feel your pain, our little ones are in a much better place than we are here. <3<3

  3. Thank you for sharing this.....Our God has such a good and perfect plan. We are trying to get pregnant with our first child and it has probably been one of the most trying times of my life.

    I really enjoy reading your blog :)


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