August 29, 2009

Life's Almost Too Busy for a Blog

So since I last wrote, I've been very busy.  Lame excuse, I know, but I shall write my life over the past two months in an (extremely) abstract poem below:

Teacher Training Workshops in Tulsa kept me movin'
Stuck my nose to the wall for precise paintin' 
Rejoiced over the little plus sign on the pee stick
Mourned two days later over the loss of our "plus sign"
Hurry up!  24 hours to Florida we'll be drivin'
See friends in Florida - play miniature golf, stay up late talkin'
Every now and then still mournin'
To Guatemala we're a flyin'
Day in, day out we're a trainin'
To Nicaragua we're a bussin'
Befriended a homeless little boy...moved me, a song I'm a writin'
We're like pin balls - "ting, ting, ting" - all over Nicaragua
Back to Florida we're a flyin'
Close friends havin' babies!
Back to Arkansas we're a drivin' (24 hours!)
Back to the wall I'm a paintin'
Suprise party we're a schemin'!
For a house church we're prayin'
Back on the road -- to New Jersey -- 24 hours again
Sigh of relief; we're at the beach with family...

So that was really abstract, probably not considered poetry at all, but hey, it's better than having to read about my life in paragraphs! (By the way, the picture is of a little Chocolate Lab puppy "Oso" - which means "Bear" in Spanish whom I met in Guatemala.  He's not dead here, just tuckered out.)
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