November 17, 2009

Her Royal Highness...

Meet "The Queen," a 3000-somethin' square foot, 115 yr-old mass of wood, plaster, cracks, creaks, and potential!

She's a little sad.  She's a downright mess, actually.  Her younger days of glory are only a faded memory and any glimmer of hope she had of being restored to her royal splendor of yesteryear is long gone...until now!  (dramatic music)

(drawn out basketball game announcer voice

Meet the.... rOyal cOUrt! 

(band instruments awkwardly fall out)

uh...hmm...well....yeah...  (Mumbling in the background)  

(basketball announcer voice recovers) 
uh...Yes!  That's right, folks!  These jokers are in charge of bringing the Queen back into full swing, giving her the royal charm of once-upon-a-time!  Yes, with some elbow grease, late nights, and lots of nice friends, they just might be able to pull it off, folks!  Yes this is the exciting account of the Queen's Reformation - let's see if this crazy crew can turn this old crone into a royal beauty once again...stay tuned 'cause you're in for a treat!

Okay, seriously, Emily here.  This is "The Queen."  She's our first real home and she's beautiful; we love her (as far as loving a home goes).  We want to grow into it :-)

When friends & family (or friends of friends & family) come to take the grand tour of "that big old run-down house in the historic district," they usually say "wow! this is amazing!" and then in that sing-songy way, "...y'all have a loooot-a-work to do."  

It's true.  Sometimes I regress and think we should've just bought a cute little 3-bedroom cottage, ready to move into, adorable, simple, and done - work's over.  Then, I look at that big ole pile of wood and plaster and I see my future kids playing in the back yard, having the big attic room to spur on their imaginations, cooking in that old kitchen with my sweetheart, snuggling next to the old fireplace on cold nights, lounging with loved ones by the big stained glass window, and walking barefoot on all those old wooden floors...then I sigh with deep contentment.  This is fun; this is exciting; this is scary; this is crazy; this will be soooo worth it.  (Lord willing).
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