November 18, 2009

Royal Charms

Queenie's pretty hard to look at these days, what with all her cracks, debri, holes, and so on...but if you look very closely, you can see how beautiful she once was (and all the potential she still has to offer!)

Here are some of the royal remnants:

original wallpaper hiding in hallway closet - mostly painted over :-( - BUT! will ya look at that!  It's a crown!!!  I'm tellin' ya, she's a bon-i-fied queen

more wallpaper in closet (looking up at ceiling) - NEATO!  Anyone know where I can find this kind of stuff?

stained glass (living room window) - makes me all giddy inside

more stained glass!  (window on main stairs)

oh and the hardware...incredible!  THIS little guy is on a huge pocket door!!

the staircase...need I say more? (this house had me at hello!)

original parquet flooring (each little slat is nailed down individually!  how did they have the patience for that?!)

tile in front of fireplace - wowie!

old vents around the house - sooo pretty!

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