November 17, 2009


I saw a territorial little squirrel on the neighbor's roof today; he was looking down at something, his tail was slapping and he was "barking" at some kind of intruder.  I thought, "Oh, little squirrel.  You think you own that roof, but you have no idea..."  Then my mind sort of took off from there.

Hmmm...that silly squirrel is barking away, thinking (with such a limited understanding) that the roof is somehow his, but he's completely ignorant of the fact that humans built that house and laid that roof and there's no way that he could really own that rooftop.  He's not capable of building a house and he certainly takes it for granted that it's there, being a part of his squirrely habitat.  

Hmmm...we sorta do that too!  We can't create trees or air or mountains or oceans, yet we, like cranky squirrels, go barking around, claiming territory that isn't ours to claim, and worse, are completely ignorant to the fact that there is a Creator behind all of this stuff.

That squirrel just entered life one day and since hasn't known the difference between telephone poles and trees, houses and big's all the same to him and he probably won't ever recognize what is man-made.  Similarly, we enter life, and the trees, rocks, clouds, and rivers seem pretty commonplace, because it's all we've ever known.  So one might stop and think, "Wow, will you look at that!?  Beautiful!"  But so many will fail to recognize Who made it...that which is God-made...

I wonder if God would ever think, "you silly humans; you think you own the Earth, but you have no idea..."
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