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Indian Night

Tedd & I have a fascination with India.I have an excuse - Tedd got me hooked.  Tedd has no excuse really.  He was simply lured in by India's bizarre music, brilliant colors, friendly people, and most of the delicious party-in-your-mouth food.
In college, we would orchestrate large "Indian Nights" on and off campus to share the culture, the food, and a Christian convert's testimony about life in (and then out) of the Hindu religion.  Indian friends from school would join us in the kitchen and teach us how their mom's make it.  Once we had up to 160+ people piled into an campus ministry auditorium to partake of that magical food and captivating music...
And so the tradition continues!  We cooked for about 15 hours, decorated with every Indian-looking thing we owned, brought out the instruments, and crowded over 20 people in our little apartment...
This is Indian Night, Fall 2009:

before: we had to buy a really really big pot to feed this crowd

chop chop!

"I've Got a Lo-ve-ly Bunch of Coconuts...

They were taunting us way up there in the trees, saying "nah nah nah nah booo booo - we're too high for yooooou!"  

First, Tedd took a ladder and tried to conquer the "cocos."  He tried for the 20ft tree.  He and his buddy Sang got a 10-foot ladder, a 10-ft pole, and a machete...see where this is going?  These very non-Mexican MacGyvers taped the machete to the pole and then climbed the ladder and tried whacking the coconuts out of the tree.  If only the locals had seen these two and their antics!  And the monkeys nearby were probably giggling too...
Then, we spotted the locals harvesting cocos later in the week.  Some of us went to beg for just one small coconut - pleeeease!  But they said "no!" and drove away...
Finally, after all hopes of coconut popsicles, coconut cream, and coconut snacking had faded, Jose, the monkey boy arrived!  
Here's a pictorial account of how Jose saved the day and coconuts abounded for everyone:

Thirty feet…

Floor Plan

This is a rough sketch of the Queen's floor plan.  It's not to scale, but it'll give you a better idea of what you're looking at as you see pictures.
(The sunroom, laundry/bath, master bath, and part of kitchen were all add-ons - we're guessing in the 20's or 30's).

1st floor (there's a basement, but I didn't bother sketching that...I'm sure you understand)

2nd floor

"3rd floor" (standing attic room)

The Grand Tour

This is the Queen back in August of 2009, when we bought her - her "before" shots, if you will.  Ready for the grand tour?  


living room

dining room

kitchen (facing laundry room)

kitchen (facing back door - far right)

1st floor laundry room & bath

parallel staircases (left goes to kitchen - right goes to foyer)

2nd floor bath

hallway leading to sunroom and attic room stairs


bedroom #1