December 11, 2009

Color Conundrum Continued...

Hi.  Emily here.
Some of you may have read my post about the dilemma over what color to paint the house, which I dorkily (can I use that word?) titled "Color Conundrum."  Well, here's the follow-up:
I spent lots of time online looking for colors and realized that I'm totally ignorant when it comes to picking colors for a Victorian home.  The Queen, though not the most elaborate of her kind, has many interesting architectural details, and as I'm finding out, most Victorian homes like this one try to highlight these details with color.

 The Queen's architectural details
I like picking colors, and I like to think I have an artistic eye, but this is too much for me!  It's too much pressure!  I've decided that, though I like blue, I can do without it; so if another intriguing color palette comes along, I'm willing to stray from blue.  I'm not so crazy about the Sherwin Williams or Kelly Moore historic color options.  Plus, I might like to go with 4 colors instead of the traditional 3.  Every website I check highly recommends hiring a professional color designer, but I don't wanna spend $500+ on that, and Tedd definitely doesn't want to...soo....any suggestions out there? 

Color our house :-)  Tell me what YOU would paint it!

 side view
Oh, btw, Tedd & I decided to let this project wait until this summer or next fall so that we have time to choose a color we're in Mexico right now, and it's now in the 30's where the Queen rests, so we can't paint now even if we wanted to.

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  1. Yeah!! That would be amazing! I'll try to get on that as soon as possible. THANKS!


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