December 27, 2009

"I've Got a Lo-ve-ly Bunch of Coconuts...


They were taunting us way up there in the trees, saying "nah nah nah nah booo booo - we're too high for yooooou!"  

First, Tedd took a ladder and tried to conquer the "cocos."  He tried for the 20ft tree.  He and his buddy Sang got a 10-foot ladder, a 10-ft pole, and a machete...see where this is going?  These very non-Mexican MacGyvers taped the machete to the pole and then climbed the ladder and tried whacking the coconuts out of the tree.  If only the locals had seen these two and their antics!  And the monkeys nearby were probably giggling too...

Then, we spotted the locals harvesting cocos later in the week.  Some of us went to beg for just one small coconut - pleeeease!  But they said "no!" and drove away...

Finally, after all hopes of coconut popsicles, coconut cream, and coconut snacking had faded, Jose, the monkey boy arrived!  

Here's a pictorial account of how Jose saved the day and coconuts abounded for everyone:

Thirty feet up in the air!!

Sang and Carlos on ground duty...

the first bunch

a little lower...

got it!

(after this, Jose accidentally dropped the lasso, so they decided he should just chop the coconuts down with his machete.  Everyone watched from a safe distance!)



smack!  It hits the ground and bounces.


the descent

see...monkey boy.

our hero!

I can't look at this and deny God's existence...what an incredible work of art and an incredible source of electrolytes, natural sugars, vitamins, 100% purified water, and delicious food - all safely packaged into it's own multi-layered compartments.  I know there's a Creator!

you chop till you find the meat portion - there's an art, because you don't want to chop it too much so that all that liquid gold inside spills out

Found it!  Now for the good part - cut out a little hole...

and after all that climbing, he's rewarded with crystal clear coco water

did you know that coconut water is so pure and nutritious, it can be used as an IV in an emergency?

what a lovely bunch

Child-like delight.  He just can't hide it.


Mmm...coco!  Very tasty!

Augusto digs in

Tedd is loco for coco

he's very very happy about this!

Coconut "water" or "milk" (not to be confused with coconut cream that is extracted from the "meat")

coconut meat.

We ate it straight, made popsicles, cream (for indian curry - yuuuum), milkshakes, and more with our lov-el-y bunch of coconuts  (deeda-lee-dee)...

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  1. Love this!!!! Creator God can even be seen in the beautiful and delicious coconut!!!!!!


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