December 26, 2009

The Grand Tour

This is the Queen back in August of 2009, when we bought her - her "before" shots, if you will.  Ready for the grand tour?  


living room

dining room

kitchen (facing laundry room)

kitchen (facing back door - far right)

1st floor laundry room & bath

parallel staircases (left goes to kitchen - right goes to foyer)

2nd floor bath

hallway leading to sunroom and attic room stairs


bedroom #1

bedroom #2

master bedroom

master bedroom closet 

attic room

attic room (view 2)


  1. I love it! Where in AR is it around fort smith?? LOVE the stairs!! That's why I enjoy the old old houses b/c they do have those unique characteristics about them!!


thanks for the comments - they make my day!

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