December 15, 2009

Little Girl's Prayer

Chaska's "Blue Bear" (far left) & my "Brown Bear" (far right) and their other bear friends

This is Chaska's prayer
, a 6 yr. old adopted girl from Peru who I home-schooled in Peru for a couple weeks. Her prayers were just so good that I had to record her; here's what she said (English is her 2nd language):

"Jesus thank you for this beautiful day and you blessed us with the day and this is the day we like the day outside. And thank you for Brown Bear that's so sweet to Blue Bear and Blue Bear, one day, Blue Bear gave to Brown Bear a do you say that? A little candy 'cause Blue Bear likes candy. And thank you for the, the....the present of candy for Blue Bear. Thank you for this sweet Brown Bear that's here that likes to play with Blue Bear and Blue Bear likes to play with him. And thank you for two Brown Bears that are the same and they're watching a movie called the "Jungle Bear." Right? And thank you for what you gave us here. And they're watching a movie where I'm doing my schoolwork. And that's a beautiful day today, you blessed us with this whole beautiful day and the Earth. And you died for our sins what we made. And you're a great God because you didn't spank us. You didn't do your house with fire, you did your house with heaven, and with...and you have our house up there. And please God help me not to be mean to Emily today and help Emily not to be mean too to me. And thank for all this beautiful day what you gave us."

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