December 28, 2009

Indian Night

Tedd & I have a fascination with India.  I have an excuse - Tedd got me hooked.  Tedd has no excuse really.  He was simply lured in by India's bizarre music, brilliant colors, friendly people, and most of the delicious party-in-your-mouth food.

In college, we would orchestrate large "Indian Nights" on and off campus to share the culture, the food, and a Christian convert's testimony about life in (and then out) of the Hindu religion.  Indian friends from school would join us in the kitchen and teach us how their mom's make it.  Once we had up to 160+ people piled into an campus ministry auditorium to partake of that magical food and captivating music...

And so the tradition continues!  We cooked for about 15 hours, decorated with every Indian-looking thing we owned, brought out the instruments, and crowded over 20 people in our little apartment...

This is Indian Night, Fall 2009:

before: we had to buy a really really big pot to feed this crowd

chop chop!

Tedd making chai the night before (notice he gets a haircut before the party too, hee hee)

aloo gobi in the making - cauliflower, cabbage, & potato I think

dahl going in front, classic onion & seed frying going on in the back

Tedd made two gallons of creamy chai tea!  Mmmm mmmm!

The Indian chef...almost.

The transformed living room - look Indianesque?  And there's our first guest, good ole Nick.

Tablas (little drums) and a Tampura (guitar looking thingy) - they're waiting for the sitar player to arrive...

Great people!  See the sitar player on the floor in the middle?  That's Lee.  He decided he wanted to learn to play sitar - he's a great musician - and as far as we're concerned, he's learning very well!  He's in a band called Mas Agua.  Teddy's playing tablas & Bobby's trying out the tampura there in the background.  The music was great!


The gals! 

The fellas!

Here are some other pictures that friends took:

They were excited to eat with their hands (very Indian)
uh...Bobby John, in the middle there, looks really excited actually

These girls are so wonderful!  Kacee (with baby #2!) & Rachel (engaged!)
Kacee has a blog - it's really cute.

So that's that!  We hope the tradition will continue for many more years!
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