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Jump-Starting a Car

Is that what you call it?

Kacee and I had our nails done last week.  It was great fun.  I hadn't had my nails done...hmmm....since July 2008!  My toenails are still hot orangey-pink and my fingernails are a pitiful chipped nude pink...home renovation and fingernail polish don't go hand-in-hand (no pun intended).

It was a rainy day, so on my way to the nail salon, I had my car lights on.  But once I arrived at the nail salon, it was light enough outside for me to neglect seeing my lights were on (and we have one of those old-fashioned cars that doesn't have automatic light turner-off-and-on-ers).  See where I'm going?

Two relaxed hours later, I get in the Echo with a smile on my face and pretty pink fingernails, and it wouldn't start.  "?!? Huh?!?  Oh maaaaan..."

"Echo Boy" (at his finest in Arches Ntl. Park)
So I flag down Kacee, get in her car, and we go to Subway :-)  mmmmm!  (Thanks to Kacee's pregnant Subway cravings).

Meanwhile we call eve…

Indian Food Recipe

As promised, the Indian Night Menu continues! Beef Coconut Curry by Tedd

2-3 onions diced T cumin seeds 2 whole bay leaves 3 serrano peppers (optional) approx. 1T whole Garam Masala (cardamom, cinnamon stick, anise seed, fennel seed, cloves)
1/2 c ginger/garlic paste 2 onions liquefied (w/ a little water or oil) 4-5 lbs meat of your choice (or veggies if you want it to be a veggie dish)
2T cumin powder 2T coriander powder 1t turmeric powder (optional) salt to taste 1t pepper 1/2 t red chili powder 1T garam masala powder (optional) 1 lg can diced tomatoes (between 20-30 oz) water/chicken or beef stock
1 can unsweetened coconut milk

1.Cover the entire pan or pot bottom with oil (olive oil is the healthiest….but remember to   just use plain olive oil not extra virgin).
2.Once oil is hot (dances when hit with water drop) add: a.2-3 whole onions (diced fairly small) b.tablespoon of whole cumin seeds c.2 bay leaves d.3 chopped Serrano peppers (optional if you want it spicy) e.(other whole garam masala seeds are optio…

"The Kitchen" Header

When I get started on a project, I get slightly, okay, really obsessed.  I stayed up til 5 in the morning (twice) working on this kitchen header.  I'm a total nerd.  And my husband "made his contribution to my blog" by letting me sleep in the next morning while he worked on the Queen by himself.  Thanks T - you're nice.

I've got so many things to do and I'm drawing pictures of flour and measuring spoons - it's a bit ridiculous, but I had lots of fun doing it!

Some fun facts about the kitchen art: We actually have that retro stove (it came with our quaint little apartment)
I received those heart-shaped measuring spoons as a wedding gift and they make me happy every time I use them!
Kitchenaid mixer (angelic-voices-singing sound effect here) is also in our kitchen and a gift from my in-laws - it spins me right round (whatever that means - but it's a pun, get it?  I try.)
Cast iron pan = trueWallpaper = falsePurple hydrangeas in a milk glass vase = I wishFun…

Witches, Alcohol, & Jesus...

You know, when I met Josue last year in Nicaragua, I never would have guessed that he once lived in such despair and darkness that he was willing to take his own life, or that he had been involved in witchcraft, or that he had become an alcoholic by the age of 16...

This is Josue's story.  When I heard it for the first time, my mouth must have been hanging wide open by the was so moving for me that I said, "hey! can I hear that again? and can I film you so I can share this with my friends?!"

Josue's Testimony from Emily Lodes on Vimeo.

Each time I hear someone's heart, what God has done in their lives, what they've been never fails to surprise me and humble me.  I hope this will be inspiring for you as well.

Chicken Korma

First on the list: Chicken Korma
This one's easy to share because I followed a video recipe online .

My recipe notes/comments: 
This recipe only makes 2 servings; don't forget to multiply if you want more.
I used cashews, not poppy seeds.
Chilies, chili powder, turmeric, and curry leaves are optional.
You can substitute (or just leave out) the "curd" with plain unsweetened yogurt.
Use unsweetened shredded coconut.
"Coriander leaves" = cilantroYou can buy or make your own ginger/garlic paste (blend equal parts ginger and garlic with just enough water to make a paste)Serve over a bed of basmati rice - mmm mmmHere are some pictures of my chicken korma in the process:

Now I can offer you a few tips on how to obtain some of these ingredients.  First, you'll need to go to an Asian grocery store...with that said, there are differences in Asian grocery stores, so you may want to call ahead and see if they carry Indian spices.

This will be a bit of an investment in ingred…