January 31, 2010

Jump-Starting a Car

Is that what you call it?

Kacee  and I had our nails done last week.  It was great fun.  I hadn't had my nails done...hmmm....since July 2008!  My toenails are still hot orangey-pink and my fingernails are a pitiful chipped nude pink...home renovation and fingernail polish don't go hand-in-hand (no pun intended).

It was a rainy day, so on my way to the nail salon, I had my car lights on.  But once I arrived at the nail salon, it was light enough outside for me to neglect seeing my lights were on (and we have one of those old-fashioned cars that doesn't have automatic light turner-off-and-on-ers).  See where I'm going?

Two relaxed hours later, I get in the Echo with a smile on my face and pretty pink fingernails, and it wouldn't start.  "?!? Huh?!?  Oh maaaaan..."

"Echo Boy" (at his finest in Arches Ntl. Park)

So I flag down Kacee, get in her car, and we go to Subway :-)  mmmmm!  (Thanks to Kacee's pregnant Subway cravings).

Meanwhile we call every local superhero we can think of...husbands and daddies.  My dad out of town, Kacee's dad swamped at work, Kacee's hubby didn't answer the phone, and my hubby...

"It's really easy.  You have jumper cables in the car."  What?  You're not gonna come rescue me? I think to myself.

So we manage to pop the hoods, laughing all the way because we feel like two big dummies!  Kacee reads her mother's instructions sent via text-message (thanks, Cindy!)...

"Okay, find the plus and minus" - Kacee
"K" - Em
"Now hold the clamps far apart...connect them...and don't worry if they spark - SPARK!?"
Em makes scared face and proceeds to clamp
"Okay."  "Now let's hook 'em up to yours"
"Is this the battery?"
"Hmmm...I dunno.  It has a lighting symbol on it so maybe!" - Em
"I can't get this cover to come off." - Kacee
Em and Kacee start prying on mysterious box things inside the hood
...enter nice man.
"Do y'all need help?" - nice man
em is reluctant because she wanted to do this with Kacee all by themselves - girl power!  Kacee is absolutely relieved.
"YES!" - Kacee with a giggle
"I'm no mechanic, but that's not the battery..." - nice man
So the nice man proceeds to find the battery, clamp the plus and minus, and then "Echo Boy" started.  

Sorry Echo Boy for leaving your lights on so long...

I think I can jump-start my battery without help next time.  I bet Kacee could too!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! i think i could now that i know where my battery is!!! LOL!!! that was a fun and hilarious day!! you forgot the best part...we were doing all of this in the rain and worried about the electiricity because of all the water too!! hahaha!! what a mess we were!! :) great story! love ya em!!

  2. hilarious! I am the same way...the first think I do is holler for a man to come help me. Maybe them not coming is a good thing...I still don't know how to do it myself! hmmm, I should go ask a guy. haha!

  3. HaHa! How is a funny story. Hey, EMILY! If I was you, I don't also know what I should do until someone comes to help me. Oh! anyhow, thanks for your post very much.


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