1920s Wood Cookstove

Tedd & I had a very exciting Saturday...

We took a road trip to Antlers, Oklahoma to visit Bessie, a lively 83-year-old woman who runs "Grandma's Antique Cookstoves."  After 3 hours on the road, we were out in the country, winding down side roads, when we saw the sign...
We pulled in, met Bessie and her son, and stepped into the shop they have set up in their back yard.
We came to look at the white and chrome cookstove they'd sent us a picture of in an email, but when we went inside the shop, they said "well, here it is!" And it was black and chrome...and completely different than the one we'd traveled all that way for.  My heart sunk a bit.  Tedd explained how we came for the white one and they told us that it had sold already...it had been a simple miscommunication with Bessie.

BUT...in that same little shop, something caught my eye...perhaps our trip wasn't in vain afterall!
"Can you tell us about this one?" I asked.  

For the next hour, they explained every little detail about the stove, how to cook on a wood stove, how to clean it, how to hook it up, how each little gadget works, and even a bit how Grandma Bessie started cooking on a wood stove when she was only 7, back when they didn't have electricity or running water...and so on, and I was smitten.  It wasn't just the right color, but I couldn't say no!  I mean, isn't she a beaut?!?

We're going to pick it up after we get back from Nicaragua, so they were kind enough to agree to holding it until then, and in the meantime, I keep pulling up the pictures so I can look at it again and again.  I really love this stove (as much as I'm allowed to love something that's inanimate, that is).  What a treat it's going to be to have such a beautiful, hard-working appliance!
We celebrated our "find" with burgers and curly fries at the local "Burger Barn," and then took the "long way" home - what a fun day out in small-town Oklahoma!


  1. That is SO awesome! Sounds like a great day, Em. The stove is really neat and will fit right in at the Queen.

  2. What an awesome stove! Looks like it is in great shape. Reminds me of one I had (mine was black and chrome). There is nothing like bread or a turkey (or just about anything else) cooked in the oven of a wood cookstove. I can almost smell the soups and stews simmering on top on a cold winter day. Mmmmmmmm

  3. mmmm! I just hope I can get the hang of using it! the day I make some yeast rolls in that oven will be a VERY happy one!


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