February 15, 2010

Art Against Illiteracy

I work for Literacy Evangelism International and I feel so blessed to be a part of this organization!

My first job description is "Latin America Director's Wife," (not really, but hey, I feel like it might as well be!), and that means I go with him to Latin America (every time he goes) and I do lots of secretarial kind of stuff.  I'm the leader of the pack(ing), official primer & brochure carrier, number one background smiler at promotional meetings, flash card maker, literacy trainer, blog updater, newsletter creator, contact info writer, assistant pray-er, and photographer...among other things.

My second, and more official, job description with LEI is "Graphic Designer."  This is what really gets me pumped!!  I love art.  I like things to be visually pleasant.  And while I really enjoying pouring that creative energy into our home, I love, even more, having a purpose behind art!  That's why I love my job :-)

So here's the latest LEI banner, used at missions conferences to promote literacy awareness...or you could say it's "art against illiteracy..."

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