February 13, 2010

Lace Cookies

Wanna make this?
You can!!  Isn't it pretty and oh so tempting??

These are delicious, impressive, and fun!  Make sure it's a dry day (humidity will counteract their crispiness) and give yourself a couple hours.  These would make beautiful holiday cookies!

Cookie recipe taken from Baking Illustrated:
(highly recommended baking book!)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Bring 1/2 stick unsalted butter, 6T dark brown sugar, and 1/4c light corn syrup just to a boil over medium heat, stirring frequently.

Once it reaches a boil, turn off the heat, and beat in 1/2t vanilla extract, 1/8t salt, 3T all-purpose flour (sifted), 1/2 c finely chopped almonds, and 1 1/2t heavy cream until smooth.

Set a heat-safe bowl full of chocolate over a pan full of simmering/hot water to melt (or you can do it in the microwave on medium power, stirring every 30 seconds to a minute).

On a cookie sheet, covered with parchment paper, drop some little dots of batter a couple inches apart.  These itty bitty droplets went from this...

...to this!

Peel off the cookie once cool enough to touch, but warm enough to mold (you can do this with a thin spatula too, but be careful that it doesn't wrinkle up)...

Wrap it around the end of a wooden spoon - quickly!  Then set on wire rack to cool.

Leave 'em plain or dip 'em in dark chocolate (highly recommended!)

Or just leave them flat and spread a little dark chocolate on top...

If you're in a fancy mood, take the malleable cookie, drape it over a cup, let it cool, and voila! You have an ice cream bowl!

Dip the edges in chocolate and indulge...


  1. I can say from personal experience that these are so delicious! We are always glad to sample your cooking!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm definitely going to try these as well.....they look deliciously yummy!!!!



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