Locks of Love - Round Two

Welp, I went and did it!  I was feeling nervous at first - two years is a long time to let your hair grow out, just to go chop it off in one swoop.  But it was time, and I'm so happy I did!  This is the second time I've done this now (I hear it takes 10 ponytails to make one wig!!)  I highly recommend everyone try it at least once, if you're able, because it's such a neat experience!

Even my brother, Evan, is growing his hair out so he can donate to locks of love!  How cool is that!?

So here's my hair-cutting adventure in pictures:
its final hour...

eek!  Trying to imagine it all gone!

and from the back (but my head's tilted, so the length is a bit exaggerated)...

"Are you positive?" she asks.  "Uh...yes!" I reply.

a close-up...doesn't it make you cringe a little?

12" all gone!  (Little ad for Great Clips here, huh?  I had a coupon for $6.99!)

new do.  i told her to do whatever's "in" lately...I'm livin' on the wild side!


the end.


  1. Awww... so proud of you Emmy! Your haircut looks real cute, too!!

  2. Looks so cute Em!!!

  3. Wow! Looks great! Don't you love that weightless feeling just after you cut a lot off?

  4. AWESOME! And it's not so short. It will grow out in no time and you can do it again! GOD bless you Emily. I love you! From Swaziland

  5. Bamy Means :-) Yes! I do love the weightless feeling! Thanks Abigail, Kat, and Chris!!

  6. I've done locks of love twice. My first time I was so nervous and almost cried. I've always had long hair lol. The second time I was so ready lol! And I love the cut!! Also thank you for following my blog, I've had fun looking around your blog lol

    Emily <3


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