My New Hobby...

I went to my first-ever auction last month with my mom & "Grammy," just to check it out, and I was hooked.  The thrill of waiting to see what treasure they'll hold up next, the disbelief of how little that beautiful piece of furniture sold for, the rush you get when you get the guts to hold your number in the air, the satisfaction of getting that piece you wanted, and for a steal...I'm telling you, it's so fun!!!
This is a Hazel Atlas Davy Crockett milk glass mug I "won" at the auction.  
I can't explain it, but I love milk glass and the nostalgia of this piece - it's from the 50's.

My momma :-)  Ain't she cute?

Risa came to check it out for a little while too!

My mom & I went again this weekend and we stayed the entire 4 hours!  How is it possible that we were so intrigued??  I dunno.  I bought that mug, she bought an old coffee mill advertisement, and then we sat there, trying our luck every now and then of course, but mostly we watched...and loved every exciting minute it.  This will probably become a regular mother-daughter date for us!


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