February 12, 2010

Next Stop...Nicaragua!

Haven't posted in this section of my blog in a month now and I suppose it's because we've been in the US this whole time.  We've been really busy getting things together for our next big trip.  This, in fact, is really big for us - a whole 6 months in Nicaragua!

This will be our first time to "live" overseas.  Before this, we typically spend 1 to 3 months at a time in different countries, staying with other families, and going from one activity to the next.

On this "trip," our goal is to simply teach some people to read and write in Spanish, and do an ESL class.  It's sort of experimental.  For the past 2-3 years, we've been training teachers to do literacy or ESL, but now we want to be on the front lines, experiencing what it's like to be teachers, so we can be better trainers in the future.  It's a start.

We scouted a bit in August and decided to work in Rio Blanco.  It's right in the heart of Nicaragua and it's where the "paved road ends."  This will give us enough civilization to survive :-) while having opportunities to venture out into more rural/isolated villages (we hope).

We'll be posting more details, prayer requests, and such on our ministry blog.  However, on this blog, I'll be sharing more intimately from my perspective, since this is called "Emily Shares."

We've got 17 days 'til take off.  I'm excited, scared, feeling unprepared, stressed, anxious, looking forward, hopeful, and eager, among other emotions.  Until then, I've got some design projects pending, moving & packing to do, we've got taxes to deal with, friends to see, and the Queen...oh the Queen...well, we're getting projects lined up for others to do while we're gone.

We'll have to surrender our kitty (and first pet), Otis Baguera Lodes, to the neighbors.  We'll be away from family for the longest chunk of time ever thus far.  We're missing 3 really important weddings.

This is truly a step into another season in our marriage.  We're moving out of our first dear, little, quaint apartment (so it won't sit empty for 6 months) and embarking on a unique adventure overseas!  I'm really excited, I just hope we get everything done that needs to be done before we leave!

Alright, that's the update for now...back to packing!!  (Tedd just made sweet cakey corn muffins! That, with a glob of salted butter...mmmmmm...I can't resist!!)
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