Nicaragua Drawing Nigh

I can't believe it's almost here!  4 more that really it?!  I feel a bit panicked, as though I must have a million things to do before we leave, but things are really running smoothly.

  • our apartment is almost completely empty (thanks to my dad and friends who helped us haul all the heavy furniture around on Friday afternoon)
  • our taxes are about finished (thanks to UJ)
  • our suitcases are 75% packed (thanks to me :-)
  • we said our goodbyes at church today and they "commissioned" us off in prayer!
  • the Queen is ready to spend Spring with our neighbor Tom
  • and, well, I'm saying "bye for now" to the Kitchenaid mixer and the big box of art supplies :-(
Now to wrap up existing design projects, spend some time with friends and family, and finish packing. this really happening?

This is such a new season.  We'll be married three years this May and we'll have moved out of our first home and started living overseas for the first time.  It's exciting.

When I journal, I often write out my prayers.  Sometimes I find it easier to pray through writing since it helps me focus, and later to reflect on how God answered.  Since this section of my blog is my travel diary of sorts, and my goal is to be more authentic and open with my readers here, it feels only natural to write out a prayer every now and then - the stuff that's on my heart...I hope you won't mind...

God, please give me eyes to see You at work during this time of us to follow You closely, with our hearts and minds focused so we don't wander away from You.  Father, thank You for this unique opportunity and for all of the blessings You've poured out into my life.  You've never betrayed me, You're always faithful, always just, always a comfort to me.  Make me a good steward of everything You've given me, both material and spiritual things.  Please use me for Your glory...make me less so that You can be seen in my life - so that people will know You're real and that You're God Almighty, worthy of praise, honor, obedience, and sacrifice, not only because You're good and You love us, but because You're God.  Please bless the person reading this - thank You that they're interested in my life and an encouragement to me.


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