February 7, 2010

The Prince

Bet you didn't know the Queen has a prince!

In fact, this old prince has been occupying most of our time since we acquired the royal pair back in August.  That's right!  They came together.  This guy is settled in the back yard along the alley and had lots of potential...

This is the "Carriage House" and we've been fixing it up for months now, on a tight budget, to make it rent-ready, and we finally finished!

So for those of you who like before and after pictures (like I do!), we've got 'em here (a whooole lot of 'em!):

Here's the carriage house (or "prince") before - alley side


"bonus room" before (above)

 and the "bonus room" after

living room before (facing away from kitchen)

after (facing kitchen)

kitchen after

bedroom before


bathroom before


and all in between!!

cutting slate tile...

Dad painting the front door 
(thanks, Mom & Dad, for all the hours you selflessly volunteered!!)

Rachel & Grant also came to help out!!

Tedd mixing mortar (this was most likely taken in the early a.m.)

painting eaves...and using my Christmas gift from T - a pink tool belt! fun!

Tom.  Handyman.  Neighbor.  Friend.  He's a gift from God!  We couldn't have taken on these houses without him!!

Tedd, fixing the door

My momma helping my Dad hang the ceiling fans.

Brent, from Purdue, took a road trip to Arkansas just to help us with the Carriage House & The Queen!!

(We're also so grateful for Haley T. who came out to paint and tough it out in the cold AND to Brad & Amy Means who helped us a lot as well!)

We thank the Lord for sending so many wonderful people to help us.  It made the work faster AND way more fun!!

And after several long months of hard work, we can walk away and say it's finally done.  
(mostly) :-)


  1. I was wondering how things were coming along there since I hadn't seen any posts in a while. Looks like ya'll have made fantastic progress on "the Prince"! now would be a great time to be on a trip to Honduras or something though. :) Thanks for the floorplan. It really puts things into perspective.

  2. woo hooo!!! that's so exciting!!! :) any renters yet???

  3. YEA! It really looks great, guys! Finally you can put a check mark beside that huge task!

  4. wow. that looks fanastic. I cant believe everything you guys did! Amazing!


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