February 15, 2010

We'll Take 'Em All

Alright.  I think it's time to confess...

Tedd & I plan to have 3 stoves in our kitchen.  There, I said it! 

Yep.  You read right.  It's embarassing.  It's overkill, I know.  Go ahead and get out all your chuckling before I continue.

I'll wait...
You done?

Sooooo...we love to cook, and host parties, and feed people.  That's one reason right there - more stoves = more burners. Why not get an industrial stove, you ask?  Well, because then you have to commit to all-gas or all-electric OR to an expensive gas top with electric oven (which is still unsatisfactory because I love baking in a gas oven).  We love cooking with gas, both in the oven and on the stove.  Electric stinks in our book.

A cleaned-up version of the 1938 Chamber's Gas Stove we "Craigslisted" for 200 bucks!  Yippee!
BUT!  We learned the hard way, this summer, that gas ovens vent lots and lots of heat, and that makes your house hot, which makes your guests sweat, which makes your AC units look really really puny.  (Which makes you think, "oh well, I just won't bake anything all summer," which makes you sad when you have a major craving for chocolate chip cookies). So, we decided we should have an electric range & oven for the summertime. 

This is a (literal) sneak peek of our current Craigslist electric stove.  boo.
So, okay, now that mostly explains our reasoning for having a gas stove/oven and an electric stove/oven (I so hope you're convinced).  "But a third?!" you ask.  "Are you outta your minds?!"  Yes.

From the get-go I dreamed up a kitchen with one of those old antique wood-burning cookstoves to vent through the chimney that runs down the kitchen wall.  sigh.  It probably would have been ruled out by Mr. Practical if it hadn't had the heating perk to it.  I think now he daydreams about chopping wood, and cooking over those hot embers, all-the-while having the entire downstairs toasty-warm in the winter.  Now, in Tedd's mind, it's a must.

So.  I could blame my husband, and maybe get away with it, but I'm equally guilty.  We, yes, we, have decided to get all three.

Go on and laugh...
I know you want to...


  1. It's gonna be great! You can cook for all your friends...and then some! Maybe I should have bought you guys that HUGE cast iron skillet for wood-burning stoves after all. Just think of all the stir fry you could cook up in that! yummmm

    And great sink-over-stove idea...go Tedd!


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