February 13, 2010

White Beadboard Kitchen

Opinions Needed:

Hi everyone.  So we're trying to get started on the kitchen as a part of our "get-it-ready-enough-for-living-in" move.  We're on a serious budget.  I love white beadboard cabinets with antique bronze hardware.  Because of our budget, we've got a mix of appliances, both white and stainless steel with some black accents on both, from Craigslist (go Craigslist!!).

I was really bummed about the mixing of colors at first, but then I looked at countless Kitchen magazines and was consoled.  Seems pretty much anything goes in kitchens these days!

To help bring the white and stainless steel together, I've thrown out the idea of using antique bronze hardware and I'd like to use brushed nickel or antique pewter/iron instead...I really think either will work, but I'm not to that point yet anyway.

So...Is it going to look really weird to have white beadboard cabinets (like the example above) in a Queen Anne Victorian kitchen?? People tell me that's a country look.  But there's tongue and groove beadboard all over the house for crying out loud - I'm pretty sure it's original and it's so beautiful.  I really really like beadboard, people!

Deep breath.  :-)

I'm not a hardcore historian, so I'm not a stickler for the "Victorian Homeowner Decorating Rules" (wherever you find those), but I do want to respect the history of the house to the best of my ability (without sacrificing personal taste)...so is the white beadboard thing too "off"???

Opinionated comments are welcome...

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    Then I can sign my name,


  2. oh, Emily, my favorite show is the Emily and Tedd Story. Thanks for entertaining me and letting me "eaves drop" [pun intended, sry]
    I wish I really could help out!
    great idea with the silvery hardware. And, honestly, if it looks good to you, I'm with your eye, it *has* to be excellent.

  3. oh, that should say "and with your eye" sheesh. my excuse is that I'm on a treadmill excercising.
    Mary Douglas

  4. Hey Em,

    Beadboard is used all the time in, on, and around old houses, including Victorians. The fact that you have a Victorian might indicate that your original kitchen was outside-in another building in fact. That's kind of how we approached it in our kitchen where indeed the kitchen WAS outside. My husband collects vintage appliances and stuff and since a real functioning kitchen probably wasn't installed in the main house until long after the turn of the 20th century, we kind of did ours in something more 1940-50s kind of thing. Kitchens are kind of an area that is loosely defined decoratively since they weren't decorative, but purely functional during the Vic era and usually not very attractive.

    I think it's gonna look great!

    Oh, and yeah, I'll still play with your pictures. Just send 'em on!

  5. Thanks, Mary! So glad you found the blog!!!

    Christine, thanks so much - that's very encouraging and helpful advice. I'm feeling much better about the decision!

  6. I say go for it! I love white beadboard! It just looks so homey. :)



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