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So, it’s been about three weeks now…where do I begin?

You’ve probably seen some pictures of the new place.  Maybe I should start with that.

It’s funny.  I don’t think about the Queen much anymore.  I haven’t drooled over pictures of beautifully decorated homes lately.  I’m somehow perfectly content here with mismatched bedsheets, a tin roof, rough concrete floors, and ugly bare walls.  Thinking about the Queen is a little overwhelming after spending time in homes that look like wooden shacks…
Nicaraguan home (pretty typical outside of cities)

The Queen

Rio Blanco house

When we first decided to rent the house that we’re now in, I told Tedd, “you know if we choose to live here, it’s going to be a real step out of my comfort zone; it’s gonna be really hard for me to live in a place like this."

Now I think it’s silly I felt that way, because I love where we live.  But the first couple nights, I wasn’t very comfortable – it was so unfamiliar and rustic and ugly.  Now it's home, and I'm super content.   What I find interesting is that several locals have come by to visit and they comment on how nice our house is...
our bedroom the first night in our RB home...

bathroom when we first moved in...

the living room/classroom with the guest bedroom on the left...

Really?!  You think so?  I mean, I know it's concrete instead of wood, and has an indoor bathroom, but it's roughin' it a bit for us...(of course I don't say that out loud, but I can't help but think it).

We were trying to find a home that wouldn't scream "rich white people!" to the locals,*  but one that would be safe and secure.  It isn't as nice as some of the locals' homes by any means (some have tile floors and kitchen cabinets and porches and balconies, for example), but even finding a place that was pretty humble in our eyes, it seems so many people here would say that this is a really nice home...imagine what they would say about the Queen!  (well, once she's finished, I mean)
Humbling.  Sobering.  Thought-provoking.

*(though Tedd and I are definitely not rich according to American standards, many in developing nations believe that all Americans are filthy rich, and indeed we are compared to most of the world, even if you fall below the American poverty line). 


  1. It is very humbling, isn't it. We have SO much here in the States compared to what they have in other countries. At the children's home where I teach in India, each child has a small metal box that holds all their belongings, and they're happy. Amazing.

    God has truly blessed us here in America.

    "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more." Luke 12:48


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