Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Dog

This is our Nicaraguan pup Velloso.  In English, I believe that translates "Fuzzy." Very appropriate.

He was "loaned" to us by a pastor here for the time we're living in Rio Blanco.  We call him "Lobo" (wolf) too because he's so big and wolf-looking.  He's a big oaf.  He's a "guard dog" with a puppy heart.  The first day we got him, I sat on the floor and called him and he came right to me, plopped down in my lap, and rested his head on my knee.  He's the cuddliest dog I've ever met.

I always wanted a dog of our own.  I never thought we'd be able to have one b/c of traveling so much, so I consider it a gift from God to have this time with such a sweet dog.

We bought flea-killing shampoo, a cheap comb, and a flea collar and went to work.  I took hair-cutting scissors (meant for our hair, but oh well) and chopped off all those hangy-downy matted hairballs that dogs get.  We spent an hour+ giving him a bath (which he hated), and then combed out all that hair.  A new collar and he was a new doggie!

waiting anxiously for Tedd to come through the door

now all is well in his world...

Life at home is so much sweeter with our fuzzy companion!


  1. So cute!! They are such big babies, aren't they? We used to have a big german shepherd and he was such a wimp, but no one knew that ;)

  2. aww that's great!!! he looks like a sweetie!!


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