Greetings From Rio Blanco!

Wow!  It's been a month since my last post.  Crazy.

Where should I begin?

I've got a long list of things I've been wanting to post about...

I guess I'll begin with this picture:

These are fridge magnets I arranged on our fridge a few days before we moved out of our apartment and headed to Nicaragua.  We got them as a freebie at Urbana 2006 from SIM.

"going on a journey..."

It's been a journey indeed already.  Life's different.  I've rethought priorities, learned about being tough, learned how selfish, lazy, and cranky I can be...I've found myself dependent on God for energy, for our students to have the ability to learn, for health, and for true love for other people...

For example, there's this pastor that really gets on my nerves, to the point where I dread seeing him.  His heart is kind and sincere, but his idiosyncrasies are obnoxious.  He brags, talks obsessively about money, dominates conversations, is a terrible listener, and interrupts like a toddler.  Yet he's helped us on numerous occasions, given sacrificially, been so kind and loving, and his passion is to serve God...

...learning, and totally dependent on God for, patience and love.  It's already getting better...I see my heart slowly warming up to him as I pray for the Lord to help me love as we're instructed in 1 John.

Another example.  Energy.  Riding buses to get to one place that's 15 minutes away can sometimes become a 2 hour ordeal there and back.  Even with only 2 classes scheduled in a day, with laundry by hand, dishes by hand, food from scratch, prepping for class, handling the heat, walking the dog, receiving unexpected (and talkative) visitors, getting a shower, walking across town to class, or riding the end of the day I'm completely pooped.  Somehow, I get just the amount of energy I need.

Anyway, I'm thankful for how God is helping me where I tend to lack so much.

So how's that for a first post?  A little random, but a little glimpse of our journey so far...


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