Kacee, this one's for you!  :-)

P.S. Sorry this isn't a recipe.  I'm pretty sure you can't find the right corn in the States to make these and I have no idea how to make them...this is just a Nica food share.

This is "guirila," (pronounced kind of like "gwee-dee-la") a "young"corn, piping-hot (sort of cakey) tortilla with fresh cream and soft & fresh "cuajada" on top (a Nicaraguan cheese).  I didn't like it much the first time I tried it a few years back, but now I crave it!  Especially this kind - these ladies make it fresh, fresh, fresh!  ("Guililera no.1" located on the highway entering Rio Blanco, Nicaragua)

They cook the tortillas between banana leaves on a griddle over firewood, and then they serve the final product on the banana leaf.

The bus drivers often make a stop at this particular "Guililera" to eat because it's famous.  The passengers on the bus can't do anything about it b/c they've already paid their ticket - what are they gonna do?  get off and walk the rest of the way?  So some wait, frustrated by the hold-up, others stick their heads out the windows to watch and smell (meanwhile the bus driver sits himself down at a table to eat), and others decide not to fight it (ahem, such as we), and they make the most of the opp and grab a guirila to-go.  (We're secretly glad when the bus driver decides to stop and eat).


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