Intruder Alert

These guys make lots of noise - the tin roof makes these little pigeons sound like giants tap-dancing...

You should hear the roosters and buzzards when they land on the roof!  They sound like someone dropped an anvil overhead.  And the cats...the first night we heard a cat on the roof, we sat awake for 20 minutes thinking that a person had been walking around up there!

One interesting thing about Nicaraguan "architecture" is the exposure to the elements.  Critters feel welcome to come and go as they please.  These pigeons, for example, often hang about where the roof and the walls fail to probably makes for better heat ventilation, but it lets in pigeons, geckos, miscellaneous birdies, and my favorite, bats.

"Was that a bat again?" I caught myself asking Tedd tonight very non-chalantly...funny how quickly we (we humans) get used to things.  The first night we saw a bat flying about, we got out the video camera and filmed it.  Now we don't even take a second glance.  When they come in during English class, we point at it and say "a bat," and then move on.  It's presence doesn't phase the students the tiniest bit.  Call me Ellie May, but I find it a bit fun to have the critters around actually (except cockroaches - they can die).


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