I believe it went something like this...

"Excuse me, Pastor?" - Tedd
"Yes?" - P. Marlon
"Tomorrow, could we have 'raw' milk from the cow for breakfast?" - Tedd

we all giggled.  Pastor Marlon said he'd arrange it...


sleepy-face TT
 oh so happy with his warm cup full of fresh milk

(I personally can't stand it)

Pastor's kid - great milk mustache!

now it's your turn little guy!
(miraculous, isn't it??)

I took a sip and that's about all I could handle.  How 'bout y'all?  Ever had milk straight from the cow?  Do you like it?  

I didn't!  The thought of warm milk - warm b/c it was in the cow's udder! - sorta makes me wanna throw up...but that's just me :-)  I enjoyed the experience, nonetheless.


  1. oooohhh my...i don't think i could handle it straight from the cow...i love milk though, but it has to be really really cold...even lukewarm and it tastes icky! brownie points for trying it em!! :)

  2. I have had it even fresher...squirted right into my mouth while milking...I agree though that warm milk isn't the most appetizing

  3. Abigail! ha ha! I knew that you would be one who HAS tried it! Did your family have cows too then??

    Kacee, thanks! This milk was reeeally warm - bluck!


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