My Brother Comes to Visit!

My wonderful, handsome, strong, God-fearing, loving brother, Evan, came to visit us in Rio Blanco, Nicaragua this past week for his Spring Break!  It was like a dream come true having him here!  So much of a dream come true, in fact, that I bawled when I came back to his empty room the day he left...I never saw that coming, but I do love him so much and his presence alone was a huge blessing to us.

Here are some glimpses of our adventures together over the past week...

In front of a waterfall at Cerro Musun

Hike up to Cerro Musun

Ev takes a minute to chill.  That's Rio Blanco in the distance!

Big-headed ant (the black side is his head)!

RB from up top again 

brothers in law

The church in Paiwa where literacy classes are starting!

Kids had fun "helping" us sharpen pencils

Ev helps a ton with English classes


Fresh milk for breakfast...

Ev in front of Pastor's house in Likia

oh, mangos, why can't you be in season now?

a waterfall

Miss him already!!


  1. The pictures and all the information....amazing! I have always wondered how fresh milk tastes.
    It would be really hard for me to pass by un-ripe Mangos. I have a peach tree in my backyard and every day I stand under it just waiting for them to be ready!


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