Our New Home (For Now)

We're here in Rio Blanco...here's a quick view of our new pad:
the sink (kitchen/bathroom/washing machine/and water reservoir)
Water is out about 3 days of the week so that water tank (right) comes in handy!

Tedd cooking beans - our first home-cooked meal.

the living room which should transform into the English classroom this week!

closet :-)

our messy bedroom

pet toad that shows up every now and then - he's big!

walking the dog

Our pink house

Well...looks like for the next six months, this blog will be all about life in Rio Blanco...home, food, work, people, sights, and so on...


  1. Emily,

    I was just thinking about you this morning! Praying for you both! Missing you lots!!


  2. Tedd and Emily,

    Glad to hear you made it to Rio Blanco. Love your
    pink house. Keep safe. Write when you can. Keeping you in our prayers everyday.

    Linda Craymer

  3. hehe...I'm moving into a pink house. It sure is a small world!


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