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The Nicaraguan ABCs: C is for...

Chicken. Now I know some of you out there (ahem, Abigail) have done this a million times and will think nothing of this really awesome, impressive, brave, and disgusting thing I did...but for the rest of you...

I made this: Starting with the dang live chicken!!
First, I have to tell you, I am an extreme animal lover...
it goes way back... When I was a little girl, I prayed that God would give me the ability to talk with the animals (just like Dr. DooLittle - the original one, that is), but that's another story...


So here's my crafty share for the day that I pulled out of the personal archives (since I'm having craft withdrawals).

I made this card for little Noah, Kacee's son, just a few months before he was born, and now he's about to have a little brother!  I can't believe how time has flown.

Tips to get this look:
Mix textures!  Here, there's linen cardstock (background), corrugated paper, satin ribbon, vellum (the dove), and a fibery paper for the boat.  
I cut the animals' silhouettes out of a toile-patterned paper.
Some of the details include a die-cut to hold the boat (like a wave), grommets (for the a in "noah," and to hold in the ribbon), acrylic paint, and little stick-on jewels.
I remember I spent way too much time on it, and that I did it on a day that I was craving a craft project like a pregnant woman craves pickles and ice cream (yuck! is that really true, guys?)
I love that little Noah boy - he's a doll - and I know he's gonna be a GREAT b…

The Nicaraguan ABCs: B is for...


When the rainy season hits, you don’t want to be without these, especially out in the country.  They don’t come in cute colors or patterns like they do in the States (those are so fun aren't they?), rather, they come in black, black, or black.
Mine squeak with every step I take.
I like that I can walk through the creeks on the way to literacy class without getting wet.  Or if we're on the dirt bike, we splash right through the creeks and all that muddy water stays off my wittle feetsies.
They make me think so much of my Papa Jack. PJ and I
He grew up in the country in Arkansas and tells about his first beehive he caught in a brown paper bag when he was just a kid.  I remember the time he snuck up on an armadillo and grabbed it by its hind legs, leaving my brother & me with our mouths wide open in awe. 
He's an encyclopedia when it comes to nature.  He's the consummate gardener, raises bees in his back yard, and had a farm for years as I was growing up, so my new boo…

The Nicaraguan ABCs: A is for...

This one's gotta really big head
And I found these hiding under a bucket  near the water basin today
(warning, if you're not fascinated by animal stuff, you may be grossed out by the following pics): What in the world is that?  I thought...
They each grabbed an "ant baby" (I'm super duper scientific, I know), and took off running for cover.
Annoying & gross....
How to get rid of a swarm of ants, Nicaraguan style:
Step 1: Boil water Step 2: Throw boiling water on the ants
I'm sure this event will go down in the ant history books, and the survivors will talk about the Great Water Basin Massacre of 2010.

Do you feel bad for the ants?  I really did.  It probably doesn't help that I called the ant pupae "ant babies," does it?

(And you know I looked up pupae) for Boots

Sky High

Okay, so after seeing a bunch of amazing craft blogs lately like Thrifty Decor Chick and Tatertots & Jello, I feel anxious to get back to doing art projects!  
I miss them.
But, for now, I felt the next best thing would be reminiscing on old projects.  
This one's a Sunday School room that my mom & I did together on a small budget.  She was the brains, and I did the painting.  It was my first full-blown "mural" project.  We drank big foam cups full of cherry Coke from Sonic, walked around barefoot on the carpet, and chatted while we worked.  We had a blast!
We were going for a feeling of being up in the sky...

The walls were already a nice pastel blue, so we painted clouds using whiteboard paint. We also painted a whiteboard banner to be pulled along by a cute little airplane.  (Kinda looks like a goldfish cracker, don't ya think?  Erm...yea...totally meant to do that)
Some inexpensive kites hung from the ceiling added nicely to the theme as well!
To add to the fun, …

Lights Out

Here in Rio Blanco, Nicaragua, we've learned a new appreciation for the basics, such as: water, electricity, fans, and refrigerators.

We went without all four just two days ago.  We had a big rain and the power went out, and we'd already been without running water for a day, and of course the refrigerator turned off, and the fans went off.
power went out while I was cooking din din...
We sweated in our beds, we cooked using headlamps, ate by lamp-light, and waited to take showers 'til the water came on again.  It's a bit like camping...but in your own house.
Julia reads with her flashlight while enjoying the sound of the rain & the cool air it brings...
Many days we go without running water.  When the water comes on, we all shout for joy and give a little happy jump.

I never feel that way about water when I'm in the US.  I turn on the faucet, and then there's water...always...and I'd be ticked if the water weren't running.  Here, we get water about 2 …

Queenie Got a New Do

She's finally got a new roof.  It only took....4 months? Here's the classic before pic - a very very green roof...on top of 6 other layers of roofing.
A roofer's nightmare, I'm sure.
The roofers patched the dilapidated chimney in the back of the house.
They're also patching the gap between the roof and the walls (where you may be able to see the birds nest on the right) with a perfect trim match.
The new roof color is "Weathered Wood"
This roof was quite a challenge because, though it doesn't look that steep from the ground, it's super duper steep!
We ran into some trouble.  This is the attic.  We had some hard downpours and the tarps, covering the un-shingled part of the roof, blew up and let in water.
So the attic looks like this now. :-(
The floor boards are up though because we now have electricity!  So that's positive.  More about that another day.
The sunroom ceiling also got soaked and came down.  But we found this!  The original wood paneling on …


Are you following me?!?
Well, thanks!!!

I don't have 1000+ followers, and I don't expect I ever will, and that's totally okay, but having a few is nice, isn't it?  It makes me feel like I'm not all alone in this little blog, talking to myself, cause that would be kinda weird...

Though I convinced myself in the beginning that I wouldn't ever care whether or not any one ever "followed" me, and that I was writing this blog for myself - a log of memories, a diary with pictures and recipes and random stories...but hey, at the end of the day, it feels pretty darn good to know at least someone out there is reading...even if it's just Mom & Grammy (holla!)


So thank you:
Ashley - newfound friend who's got a wonderful goal in lifeJolly Green Mommy - the name says it allMiss Emily Rachael - a gal seeking the narrow pathJulia - wonderful co-worker and friendJoann - ah yes, of course!  I didn't have a link to your blog on your profile, so I…

Cake Pops!!!

Yippee for Cake Pops!  Aren't they so cute?!  I was so intrigued the first time I saw Bakerella's cake pops; I just had to give it a shot.  You should too!  For the recipe & instructions, visit her site.

My first cake pop adventure in pictures...

I dipped a spoon in the melted chocolate and slung it around back and forth over the cake creative (you should see what Bakerella has come up with!)  I also used some pretty sparkly sprinkle flakes...
To display my pops for the party, I stuffed the floral foam down into a pretty vase and then put tissue paper over the foam... I would have used that shredded gift-box paper (know what I'm talkin' about?) if I had time to get it, but this worked nicely in a pinch (and let's just pretend that I was being green and frugal and purposefully recycled this tissue paper).

And for the grand finale... A little somethin' I'd been brainstorming for months...
bride and groom cake pops!!!  
aren't they adorable?!

Truth be…