Intruder Alert: Part "Dos"

I told you about critters that intrude from above, right? 

Well, then there are the ground critters...  

and there are two good ways to get in if you’re one of those:
1. Pretty big spaces under the entry doors
2. Drains (aka: big holes in the wall to let water run out)

Here’s my favorite critter, the gecko…
He can stay because he eats bugs and makes fun squeaky noises.  And isn't he cute?

Here’s a picture of a very non-threatening ground-critter, the toad…
Though he’s rarely seen “in toad,” we often find remnants of his being here – yuck)

And I’m still waiting to get a picture of my most recent nemesis, the little guy who pulled this stunt…
Oh yes.  Right through the bag and into our big soft loaf of brick-oven bread...

now it’s personal.


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