Lights Out

Here in Rio Blanco, Nicaragua, we've learned a new appreciation for the basics, such as: water, electricity, fans, and refrigerators.

We went without all four just two days ago.  We had a big rain and the power went out, and we'd already been without running water for a day, and of course the refrigerator turned off, and the fans went off.
power went out while I was cooking din din...

We sweated in our beds, we cooked using headlamps, ate by lamp-light, and waited to take showers 'til the water came on again.  It's a bit like camping...but in your own house.
Julia reads with her flashlight while enjoying the sound of the rain & the cool air it brings...

Many days we go without running water.  When the water comes on, we all shout for joy and give a little happy jump.

I never feel that way about water when I'm in the US.  I turn on the faucet, and then there's water...always...and I'd be ticked if the water weren't running.  Here, we get water about 2 or 3 days a week.  We have a tank and big buckets to store it between water days, so we're fine (don't worry Momma or Grammy), but gee it's nice to have running water!

And, oh, when the electricity goes out!  No fun.  Fortunately this only happens twice a month.  But 20 hours without it makes you reeeeally appreciate it.

Many many people here have to walk a distance to a well to get water for their family each day.  Most don't have refrigerators (those are for "the rich"), and many don't have electricity if they live outside the city.

Now I'm sitting in front of the fan with a charged computer and cold water in the fridge, and I feel so very thankful for it!

Enjoy your water today, and the A/C, and your fridge :-)  Maybe even give a little happy jump!


  1. A good reminder to enjoy the things we take for granted! God Bless you both...


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