The Local Bakery

Tedd is a bread fanatic.

There's a brick-oven bakery about four houses down the street.  After daily visits to the bakery, Tedd quickly made friends with the baker's son, Lombardo.
Tedd & Lombardo

Lombardo always throws in an extra bag or two of free bread for Tedd to take home.  We decided we'd like to do something for them in return, so we made pretzels!

They lent us their pans and after we made the dough and formed the pretzels at home, we took them down the street to bake 'em in the brick oven!!
This oven is deeeep, wide, and hot! and they get all those pans in and out with long poles.  They're such fast workers, it's amazing!
pans and pans and pans of hot fresh bread
(btw, this bakery would not pass a US Health Inspection)
really awkward picture of Lombardo and Tedd holding a pretzel... makes me laugh out loud.

We split a Pepsi, brought over olive oil/garlic dip and chowed down.  "A good time was had by all." 

The end.


  1. i LOVE the last picture!! if you aged it with photoshop or something, it would totally look like something from the 1800s i think...i love how lombardo isn't smily at all! hahaha!! toooo great!! and now i want a pretzle!


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