The Nicaraguan ABCs: B is for...


When the rainy season hits, you don’t want to be without these, especially out in the country.  They don’t come in cute colors or patterns like they do in the States (those are so fun aren't they?), rather, they come in black, black, or black.

Mine squeak with every step I take.

I like that I can walk through the creeks on the way to literacy class without getting wet.  Or if we're on the dirt bike, we splash right through the creeks and all that muddy water stays off my wittle feetsies.

They make me think so much of my Papa Jack.
PJ and I

He grew up in the country in Arkansas and tells about his first beehive he caught in a brown paper bag when he was just a kid.  I remember the time he snuck up on an armadillo and grabbed it by its hind legs, leaving my brother & me with our mouths wide open in awe. 

He's an encyclopedia when it comes to nature.  He's the consummate gardener, raises bees in his back yard, and had a farm for years as I was growing up, so my new boots make me think about his muddy black boots sitting by the back door at my grandparents' house.  Then that makes me think of cow patties, and summer nights, picnics, and porch swings by my grandparents' pond.  Then I think of the smell of my Papa Jack's minty chewing tobacco, his big bear hugs, and the sound of his voice when he leads the prayer at family get-togethers...

I guess I got a little off track there, huh?  

Missing my Papa Jack.  Missing my family.  Missing Spring in Arkansas. for Chicken


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