The Nicaraguan ABCs: C is for...

Now I know some of you out there (ahem, Abigail) have done this a million times and will think nothing of this really awesome, impressive, brave, and disgusting thing I did...but for the rest of you...


I made this:
Starting with the dang live chicken!!


First, I have to tell you, I am an extreme animal lover...

it goes way back...
When I was a little girl, I prayed that God would give me the ability to talk with the animals (just like Dr. DooLittle - the original one, that is), but that's another story...

I have no idea why I had all these pictures of me with animals, but weren't they handy for showing you just how much I like them?

and how I must have been feeling when I was forced persuaded to witness this?
oh.  the.  horror.

She handed me the knife and insisted that I do it!!  "No, I can't.  I can't.  I can't," I replied.

I can't put into words all that was going through my head.

I needed to watch, I needed to learn, I eat chicken, I can't eat chicken and strongly oppose its death, oh that poor chicken!  okay, I'll be a vegetarian, oh. my. gosh.  I'm gonna go to the stinky outhouse and cry now...

I think I'm grimacing there, or smiling as a defense mechanism?  who knows.  and that baby is totally cool with all of this.

After the chicken was murdered dead, I got my feelings under control and jumped in to learn (the whole point of this adventure, which was all this woman's idea)
plucking feathers

literacy student watching from outside

Learning how to "descuartizar" (quarter?) a chicken; it kind of reminded me of high school anatomy class when we dissected a cat...kind of.

This one's my favorite.  Everyone's really enjoying my learning experience.

Then you remove the legs, young Grasshopper.

anyway, after washing hands (and then sneaking off to the outhouse to wipe down with antibacterial baby wipes, just for extra assurance), we sat down to eat the fruits of our labor.  I wasn't feeling very hungry, but it was absolutely delicious.

How can I have these conflicting desires within me?

One to save the chickens...

And the other to eat them...

So that was my first time to butcher a chicken like that...I didn't kill it, but I did all the work from there.   The worst part is that she wants me to do it several more times so I can learn to do it on my own.

Maybe I'll have to tell her that I don't plan on butchering my own chickens in the future, so it's really, seriously, okay.  Then again, who knows where in the world I may be and what in the world I'll need to have in my toolbelt.

Or maybe I'll try to avoid all chicken-butchering-related discomfort, present and future, and just become a vegetarian.


  1. Oh my Emily, I would be the same way. I couldn't even have been close enough to hear it's squawks, as it pleaded for it's life!! You are one brave girl. The chicken did look delicious though. Really enjoying your blog!

  2. Oh mY GOODNESS! That is on my things never to do list.
    you are super duper brave. The frog picture is awesome.
    My mom tried eating her chickens once (but I don't think she did the butchering) and she said they tasted different than store bought, something about the free range thing.
    What an exciting day.

  3. what an intriguing post :D i'm afraid i wouldn't have been that brave. way to go, em!

  4. Hi Em! I don't know if I could do that! I've thought about it before, but I have trouble touching raw chicken from the store. I admire you for defeathering one- although, I also like to pretend meat and animals are 2 different things!

    I love the frog pic! My oldest caught his first toad this weekend, and I posted a similar picture of him. Thought that was funny. :)

    Hope you're doing well!


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