The Nicaraguan ABCs: A is for...

This one's gotta really big head

And I found these hiding under a bucket  near the water basin today
(warning, if you're not fascinated by animal stuff, you may be grossed out by the following pics):
What in the world is that?  I thought...


They each grabbed an "ant baby" (I'm super duper scientific, I know), and took off running for cover.


Annoying & gross....

How to get rid of a swarm of ants, Nicaraguan style:

Step 1: Boil water
Step 2: Throw boiling water on the ants

I'm sure this event will go down in the ant history books, and the survivors will talk about the Great Water Basin Massacre of 2010.

Do you feel bad for the ants?  I really did.  It probably doesn't help that I called the ant pupae "ant babies," does it?

(And you know I looked up pupae) for Boots


  1. Ahahaha! This made me chuckle. Great Water Basin Massacre! That's hilarious Em! I agree it's totally gross but I have no sympathy when they're in our house, especially the kitchen. "A" spells ants in Bolivia as well. We've been fighting them and I think we finally won. I know it's because of the lack of rain but it was so annoying how we would put our boric acid concoction out-no good-then spray here-they dash over there. They went from the right to the left of the kitchen and finally woke up one morning to them all over the stove in the middle. I sprayed every last one of them varmints and behind the stove and alas...only a cemetery remains. For now...


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