So here's my crafty share for the day that I pulled out of the personal archives (since I'm having craft withdrawals).

I made this card for little Noah, Kacee's son, just a few months before he was born, and now he's about to have a little brother!  I can't believe how time has flown.

Tips to get this look:

Mix textures!  Here, there's linen cardstock (background), corrugated paper, satin ribbon, vellum (the dove), and a fibery paper for the boat.  

I cut the animals' silhouettes out of a toile-patterned paper.

Some of the details include a die-cut to hold the boat (like a wave), grommets (for the a in "noah," and to hold in the ribbon), acrylic paint, and little stick-on jewels.

I remember I spent way too much time on it, and that I did it on a day that I was craving a craft project like a pregnant woman craves pickles and ice cream (yuck! is that really true, guys?)

I love that little Noah boy - he's a doll - and I know he's gonna be a GREAT big brother!


  1. I LOVE the animal silhouettes.

  2. awww :) i love that card! we have it framed for his room...can't wait to get all that stuff back out again next week!! (we're *prayerfully* moving in on saturday!!!) love you girl! can't wait to see you!!

  3. So sweet! You're all kinds of creative, aren't you?! (Yes, this is a late night drive by!)

    m :)


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