Operation Exterior Paint

Did I ever mention that I get really obsessed when I start a project?
That character...um...flaw? trait? istic? had me sketching out The Queen...

...so I could scan it, Photoshop it, and make it look like this...

..SO that I could digitally "paint" in every little detail like this...
I kept staring at the Sherwin Williams Historic Color Palette & I just couldn't picture it...

So I went a little overboard...
(no, I did not waste 20+ hours working on this dumb project)
all that to find out that I definitely don't want to use the Sherwin Williams Historic Color Palettes.

That was totally worth it, right?

Thankfully, Christine over at Pecan Place has a good eye for color and experience with Victorian homes, and she's offered to help me out!  Thanks, Christine, because I'm a dummy when it comes to colors...

In the meantime, any ideas or suggestions?  
I'd love to hear your opinions!  
Paint my house!


  1. I love all of your blogs! I checked them all out. You have always been one with lots of talents and I am so happy to see you sharing them with so many people.

  2. There is something vintage and elegant about white. So if you are taking votes-I vote for white. Kathy

  3. I vote for a pastel... but then again I live in a lavender house !

    gena in nj

  4. lavender? Sounds romantic!

    white & pastel...okay, so lighter colors...got it.


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