Queenie Got a New Do

She's finally got a new roof.  It only took....4 months?
Here's the classic before pic - a very very green roof...on top of 6 other layers of roofing.

A roofer's nightmare, I'm sure.

The roofers patched the dilapidated chimney in the back of the house.

They're also patching the gap between the roof and the walls (where you may be able to see the birds nest on the right) with a perfect trim match.

The new roof color is "Weathered Wood"

This roof was quite a challenge because, though it doesn't look that steep from the ground, it's super duper steep!

We ran into some trouble.  This is the attic.  We had some hard downpours and the tarps, covering the un-shingled part of the roof, blew up and let in water.

So the attic looks like this now.

The floor boards are up though because we now have electricity!  So that's positive.  More about that another day.

The sunroom ceiling also got soaked and came down.  But we found this!  The original wood paneling on the house before this room was added on.  Pretty neato.

almost there...
(the small roof area over the front porch is actually colored metal, so I'm not sure what we'll do about that yet...we may try to put shingles there eventually)

and finished.

(Note the trees changing with the seasons in the background)

So, yep, she's got a new do.
Tune in later this week for updates on the plumbing and electricity!  
She's starting to feel like she could actually be a home someday!


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