"Show Him Some Love" Challenge

EDIT (May 2013): Hi there!  If you're visiting from Pinterest, then welcome!  Due to some heavy traffic to this post, I've decided to re-instate the challenge.  I created this challenge for fun back in 2010, and now I've been happily married 6 years and we're going strong, all thanks to God! We still use many of the practical ideas on these lists to purposefully show one another our love and respect.  I'm going to leave the link list open below so you can join in as you stumble across this post.  I can't wait to see what you all choose to do for your challenge!

Take time to tell your husband you love him!
  1. Go to the article: 100 ways you can love your husband HIS way
  2. Choose 3 to 5 things you could achieve by May 27th within a month-long time frame (you can go light-hearted or serious - it's up to you what you want to share and how you think it will benefit others).
  3. Create a post sharing your 3 to 5 show-him-some-love goals, and why you think it's important to show your hubby some love!
  4. Put the link to your Show-Him-Some-Love post in the Link Party, here below this post, so we can get connected. 
  5. Share with us your stories of how you showed your hubby some extra-out-of-your-way love and how he responded!
For example, here's my Show Him Some Love post (from 2010):

Tedd's and my anniversary is coming up this May.  We'll have been married three years!
We're so thankful to God that our marriage is going strong and full of life, joy, and peace.  

However, the reality of failing marriages has lead us to actively seek ways to keep our marriage strong and healthy.  Our  desire is to be a testimony of a godly marriage, and no matter where we are on the "godly-marriage spectrum," we never want pride to get in the way of humbly seeking God's help, depending on Him for the marriage that honors Him.

Recently we ran into two interesting articles called "100 ways you can love your husband HIS way" and "100 ways you can love your wife HER way."  We read through the lists together, highlighting things that were important to us, rolling our eyes at others, and taking interest in one another's needs.  It was so fun!

I've decided I'd like to pull 5 things from that list and show my hubby some love (his way):
  1. "Tell him you both love him AND like him."
  2. "Foster an atmosphere of laughter in your home.  Look for ways to laugh together."
  3. "Talk with him about having specific family goals..."
  4. "Surprise him with a fun gift of some kind that he'd really enjoy."
  5. "Pray for him."
#5 for me is the real challenge.  I pray for Tedd, but not consistently.  Several times I've rolled over in the morning (half-waking-up) and Tedd is already awake, kneeling beside me, praying for me (he doesn't always know that I see him).  I wish I could be as faithful and loving in prayer for him, whether he sees me or not...

So there you have it!  I've shared my list, so hopefully I'll be posting, between now and May 27th, my encouraging stories of how my steps toward expressing love to my husband has brought us closer and made me a better wife!

Join me in the challenge!

Add your Show-Him-Some-Love post in the links list below!


  1. Excited to join in! With a lot of projects and catching up on house stuff and that sort of thing since the beginning of the year, I could use a little extra focusing on my hubby I'm sure!! Thanks. =)

  2. I just had to comment on how beautiful you looked on your wedding day...simply radiant!!!

    1. thank you so much, Karen! This is the first time I've seen this comment - how nice of you!


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