Sky High

Okay, so after seeing a bunch of amazing craft blogs lately like Thrifty Decor Chick and Tatertots & Jello, I feel anxious to get back to doing art projects!  

I miss them.

But, for now, I felt the next best thing would be reminiscing on old projects.  

This one's a Sunday School room that my mom & I did together on a small budget.  She was the brains, and I did the painting.  It was my first full-blown "mural" project.  We drank big foam cups full of cherry Coke from Sonic, walked around barefoot on the carpet, and chatted while we worked.  We had a blast!

We were going for a feeling of being up in the sky...

The walls were already a nice pastel blue, so we painted clouds using whiteboard paint.
We also painted a whiteboard banner to be pulled along by a cute little airplane.  (Kinda looks like a goldfish cracker, don't ya think?  Erm...yea...totally meant to do that)

Some inexpensive kites hung from the ceiling added nicely to the theme as well!

To add to the fun, a church member volunteered to construct a "roof-top" for the kids to sit on during the different activities.  He even made it so that the space under the roof could be used for storage!

The room had three large columns going up the wall; they magically turned into tree-tops.

My momma had the wonderful idea of using carpet tiles as the shingles for the roof!!
We added in about 10 off-colored tiles later on and it made it look much more realistic!
(See, what'd I tell ya about bein' barefoot?)

little chipmunk (with a squirrel tail?) hiding on the tree

Little birdie over the roof

and his pal...

and the birdies over the door in the works...

roof detail

and finally, some kids!

Their favorite detail, of course, was the roof!
They roll down it, race up it, and sometimes sit quietly on it.


  1. That room was adorable. I love the rooftop, too. What creativity. Wish I had even a little of that.

  2. You are so talented! Great murals. And I love that roof. That is so cool!


  3. I am so impressed! I bet those kids LOVE coming to Sunday School every week...not just for the room though--I bet your sweet mom would have something to do with that too!


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