Soft Pretzels

Before I preface this recipe, I gotta give all the credit to a dear friend, Abigail Otwell, for restoring my hopes for good homemade soft pretzels.  Thanks Abigail for the great recipe!

So here's the story:
My husband is from the Philly area and grew up making late-night "pretzel runs" to the soft pretzel factory for those delicious piping hot rows of dough.
Now, he's been displaced to Arkansas, and other miscellaneous countries from time to time, and, well, he gets pretzel-sick, the poor dear.  To surprise him one afternoon, I tried making Baking Illustrated's soft pretzels...twice...and after 12 cups of flour, I'd given up hope.  I shared my complaint on facebook and Abigail came to the rescue!

And here's her recipe:
(this feeds a crowd)

BTW, this still-life of ingredients represents how blogging is taking away any good sense I had left...
Preheat oven to 550

3c Warm Water
4T Yeast
8T Brown Sugar
10 c White Flour
2T Salt

c Hot Water
4T baking soda

Alright then, let's get started!
so you get your water warm (100-110 degrees) and pour it into the mixer with the yeast

add in the brown sugar and dissolve, then wait to see your yeast foam up a bit...
(I substituted one T of the brown sugar with honey & mixed them together before adding it in)

time to add in the flour & salt, and start kneading on low (man, I like this mixer!)
dough ball forming
grease a bowl and stick your dough ball in it to let it rise (about 15-30 min in warm spot)

Now for the fun part!
make little balls & start rolling them into long thin "worms" 
(at least that was the official term we used when playing with Play-Dough)
this one's about 16" long
step A - make a circle and let the ends cross

step B - twist 'em where they cross over each other

step C - pull the antennae down :-)
dab the ends with some water to help them stay put

Almost there!
Now dissolve 4T baking soda in one cup of hot water & dip your pretzels before placing onto a covered (&/or greased) baking pan.  Salt 'em if you like (or add other creative toppings and let us know what you chose!)

Bake at 550 degrees for about 7 mins (until irresistibly golden brown), let cool,
and then snack away!!
The Lodi's favorite dipping sauces for soft pretzels:
spicy brown mustard
minced garlic in olive oil


  1. The first time I tried making soft pretzels I took three different recipes and sort of merged them into one. I think they would have turned out really well - if the electricity hadn't gone out while they were baking. Oh well. :) One of these days I'll give them another try.

  2. I really want to try this. Do you think this would work if I halved or even quartered the recipe?

    I've just started baking bread and would love to try this!

  3. These look SUPER yummy! I want to make them. I'd love for you to link up at sundae scoop.

  4. I think I messed up on the flour measurements, but when you say "T", I assume you mean Tablespoon? I hope they turn out! They look delicious.

  5. Carolyn:
    yes, you should be able to halve it! You could also probably make the whole recipe and tray-freeze the dough balls for quicker pretzels the next time around.

    oh! I hope they turn out okay! The flour measurement is in Cups and the Yeast is in Tablespoons.


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