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My 3-Year Anniversary

I fell deep deep in love with Tedd Lodes when I was 19 years old.
I was trying not to like him...

He was so admirable, so mature, so driven, so in love with God...

He prayed from his heart - not with eloquent words or religious lingo, but with a sincere heart.

He was wise for his age (he was 23).  He didn't care about things so many other guys cared so much about.  He cared about reaching out to the world.  He cared about helping people.

He was so goofy.  He wore socks with sandals, drove a Roxy-edition Echo with a bright blue wave, and didn't have a cell phone...and he wasn't the least bit insecure about it.

His confidence, balanced with his genuine humility, captivated me.

I could see the evidence of Jesus' powerful Spirit in Tedd's life - because of the way he loved people recklessly, served people wholeheartedly, and shared so transparently...

Then one day we were talking.  Strictly friends.  No, really.

I had only known Tedd a couple months.  I was trying not …

Showin' Him Some Love

Remember the Show Him Some Love Challenge I started hosting about a month ago?  Well, time's up!

Thanks to my pals, FourKidsMom & Amber, who have joined me in the challenge!!

Here were my five things I chose to do to show my hubby some love between April & May 27th:

1. "Tell him you both love him AND like him."  

This one was easy.  I mentioned that I like him several times, and he of course responded "I like you, too."  He picked up on this though and started telling me he likes me out of the blue.  I really do like him!

2. "Foster an atmosphere of laughter in your home.  Look for ways to laugh together."

There's been a lot of laughter.  We laugh a lot anyway, but this month I've been more alert to finding ways to make Tedd laugh, or to stop and enjoy something funny with him, rather than truckin' along with my work and giving a sympathy giggle (you know what I'm talkin' about?)

3. "Talk with him about having specific…

Love & Purpose - Confessions

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind, & love your neighbor as yourself - the two greatest commandments.

Did you know that I'm naturally very bad at loving people the way I love myself?  Yep, sure am.  I know, I know, people.  I'm a missionary and all, yes, but would you believe that I'm pretty dang selfish, and loving people with a genuine godly love, and with a humble heart, and servant attitude does not come naturally for me?

I know.  Shocking.

But, because it's not easy for me, when I do feel an incredible love for other people, I can only give Jesus the credit and I know that it's Him working on me.

When I honestly observe my attitude, I sometimes fear that this work is in vain.  What's the point if I'm lazy or complain and gripe?  What's the point if I'm here doing all I'm doing if it's not for love?

Am I surrendering my life and my own desires because I love God with all my heart/soul/mind…

The Nicaraguan ABCs: E is for


I don't even remember a time when I couldn't speak English.  I guess I used to say things like "pop-pickle" (popsicle) and "pa-sgetti" (spaghetti), but other than that, English came pretty easy, thanks to that good ole LAD.

And if you're reading this, it's likely that you didn't have to work very hard at it either, since it's probably your mother tongue. 

Spanish, on the other hand, has been a monster challenge, to say the least.  There are a bless-ed few that are able to learn it and speak it within months of submersion, but the rest of us really have to struggle and fight for it.  I'm my eighth or ninth year learning it.  I still stumble and pause to search for words, and feel clueless when the old people mumble.

(Note to self: don't mumble when you get old.)

Anyway, so I was talking about English.  After stumbling and bumbling my way through the Spanish-speaking world all day long, I get a sigh of relie…

Happy Mother's Day, Momma!

Dear Mom,
You're a beautiful woman.

You're gentle, kind, and compassionate.

You tear up every time you pray and your lips quiver and you love God with a pure heart.

You make delicious food.  You taught me how to tri-fold my laundry.  You're my friend.  Our toes look exactly alike.

You're so much fun to be around and I'll never get tired of your adOrable giggles.  I like shopping with you, sitting around and talking for hours with you, and watching The Biggest Loser with you (and other dramatic "reality" shows that annoy the guys).

I like drinking Sonic cherry/vanilla Cokes with you.

Thanks for all the loads of laundry, all the rides to school, all the packed lunches, the character-building talks, and the kisses.  Thanks for telling me to be a "'there you are!' person, instead of a 'here I am!' person" (still working on that one).  And thanks for putting up with all that teenage attitude I had.

Thanks for being so tender and lovel…

How Exciting!


The Nicaraguan ABCs: D is for


I scratch my sweaty arm and my fingernails are full of it.  When I blow my nose, my boogers are usually brown.  It's in my hair, it's in the water tank, it's leaves muddy lines from my sandals on my feet, it's most definitely all over the floors, it's on the sheets, in the rugs, settling on the fans, and it's probably in my lungs.

The floors in our home are concrete, but not the smooth kind; they're the rough sidewalk kind.  It's so hard to sweep and clean.  It's hard to respect the floor like an indoor floor.  The whole house kinda feels like we're living in a garage, to be honest.  I felt so defeated by the floor, that I ignored it.  That's a great way to deal with the problem of extremely dirty floors, huh?  Just ignore 'em.  The house is full of holes and cracks that lead to the exterior elements, so the dust and the trash (even a bandana?!) will just blow in off the street again, so what's the point?
Well, then Brad & Am…

Writing from My Husband's Laptop

I'm in a bit of a funk, I must admit.  I've had a series of "bad" days.

We had a very busy week, busier than usual.  No time for blogging.  I made very little time for praying.

My laptop is "broken" - it keeps freezing and restarting.  Very sad.  Made blogging, once again, a low priority. 

Today I woke up with a fever.  Still got it.

Tonight: Brad, Amy, Velloso, & I went out for a late night walk to toss out our "compost" bucket.  When it's late, we like to let Velloso run around free without a leash since most everyone is in bed, and it's nice and cool.  He bolts out the door, skipping and jumping, tongue hanging out, and you can almost here him shouting "I'm freeeeeeeee!"

Well, tonight, there was a shadowy figure in the distance, a man dressed in black.  He was walking casually toward us, and Velloso went from happy little puppy to ferocious beast.  By the time we realized he was taking off after the man, it was too l…